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Flutterby Fantasies

The stories of a girl in her early twenties as she flutters across India. She was nicknamed Titli (a Hindi word for butterfly) by her mother since she wandered on her own in the gardens as a child. There's been no stopping ever since.


Hi  I am Asmita !

No not sitting upon a heap of cash , not a trustafarian. I tutor a lot , go to cheap pubs and refrain from any large scale shopping ( including puja shopping as a bengali :/ ) . I don't travel expensive and even can survive on cold mush for a day. Discomforts of distant lands push me to new limits of my patience.
And yes, labour and freedom are two sides of a coin, because you only 'earn' your own freedom.
Travelling is not about getting passport stamps and packing suitcases- it's about altering habits and building a whole new attitude towards life.


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